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  • Peace of mind when booking a
    rental property
  • Gives you up to £5,000 cover*
  • Any trip duration
  • Worldwide cover
  • No age limits
  • Add-on to a standard travel policy
  • Covers all holiday rental properties
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Why top up?

The only insurance policy for protecting holidaymakers from unsatisfactory or even non-existent holiday homes in the UK and abroad.

You have enjoyed looking at different places you could rent for your holiday and have finally booked the one you like.

What happens if when you get there either the property doesn’t exist, or it is not as it was described in the marketing material?

A standard travel insurance policy will not usually cover this type of event, so if it happened to you, you could be left high and dry with no holiday accommodation and possibly no easy way of ever getting your money back.

The answer is to buy Holiday Rental Cover.

  • Holiday Rental Cover allows you to purchase up to £5,000 cover in the event that either your rented property doesn’t exist, or it is not as described in the marketing material. Giving you peace of mind that if there is something wrong, you will be more prepared for it.
  • Immediate cover is available to protect your deposit
  • If you already have a standard travel policy but need rental cover you don't have to replace it with another - simply 'Top it Up'!
  • You save money and can still use your existing insurance policy.
  • Peace of mind knowing your rented property is covered!
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* You can choose between £2,500 or £5,000 cover